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More than friends

Ok so this is a fairly longish fic. Rather smutty but quite cute too between Paul and Julian Clary. I found it really hard to write but tell me what you think

Name: More than Friends
Characters: Paul Merton/Julian Clary
Warnings: Swearing, slashy smutty stuff. 18+
Author's Notes - Paul and Julian are working together... Paul is unsure of his sexuality.
Disclaimer - No offence meant by this material. I don't own any rights to the people involved.

Another week went by. Paul had been so busy lately that he didn’t seem to notice the time passing. He felt tired as he drove over to Julian’s house after writing his sketch show to write more comedy with him.
Julian opened the door and invited him in. Paul felt more relaxed suddenly. He always felt comfortable with Julian. They had been unexpected friends quite quickly. From very different backgrounds and generally different styles of comedy, they found themselves having something that clicked when they talked together. They made each other laugh when was the most important thing for Paul.
“So how was your day then” Paul enquired to his friend.
“Oh so-so. I was just thinking of cracking open a bottle of wine, if you’ll excuse the pun, do you want some”
“Oh yes I think so. I think that always helps don’t you?”
“This is a good one, a little Cabernet Sauvignon I believe”
“Oooh, how fancy”
He and Paul laughed at each other.
“Have a seat down there and have a read of that. I’ve had an idea for this sketch you might be interested in”
Paul sat down on the sofa and picked up the sheets of paper. He read it through
“I like it.. you’re too good at this you know. I’m starting to think you’re better than me there.
“Oh Paul, you’re just saying that”
“I know I’m saying that. But I also mean... well I’m very pleased that’s all. Thanks for letting me use this stuff”
“No problem Paul. More wine”
Paul noticed he’d finished his glass quite quickly and held it out for a refill.
Julian sat down on the settee next to him. “I like that line” he said, pointing out a bit of the script on Paul’s lap.
“I wonder why. Is it because it involved a dirty penis joke by any chance?”
“Oh you know me too well?”
Paul grinned thinking to himself. He heard Julian breathing near his neck. “No Merton” he thought. “This is the wine going to your head. He’s just your friend right? You’re not gay right?”

“Do you know what that’s like?”
“Having a penis inside you”
“Um.. no I’m afraid I dont” Paul felt himself going slightly pink and wondered what possessed Julian to ask him that. “Why d’you ask exactly?” he said.. his voice sounding a little nervous but excited.
“Well you seem like you’re much too comfortable to make gay sex jokes for someone who has never had it”
“Well.. I... I suppose I’ve just always been straight” he said. His mind was starting to think the opposite.

“Fair enough” laughed Julian casually.
“You wanna finished the wine then” Paul said not quite changing the subject.
“Go on then, I think I can be persuaded”
He watched Julian take a sip from his refilled glass and place it on the table. “No, is this what I want?” he thought. Staring at the other man for a few seconds, his instincts got the better of him.
He leaned in to kiss Julian. It lasted for a good half a minute before Paul pulled away.
“Oh my god, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I got confused. I’m so sorry”
“Paul.. it’s ok. That was actually quite nice.”
“Really? I didn’t think I was your type”
“I didn’t think I had a type. Any man will do”
Paul looked slightly hurt
“Sorry I didn’t mean it like that. I mean.. well I don’t tend to go for one type of guy that’s all”
Paul looked away and looked stared at Julian again.
“I think I’m falling for you” he said honestly.
This time Julian looked away and went pink. Then he smiled
“So you’re...swinging this way then?”
“Well I don’t know. I never have before. I just... I think I want you. Something’s right here”

Julian leaned in and kissed Paul again. Paul kissed back and it seemed to feel right to him.
Paul felt a hand trying to unbutton the top of his shirt. “Good god he’s quick at that” thought Paul but he couldn’t seem to pull away from Julian’s soft lips to tell him that.
Soon he felt the need to get at the younger man’s body but as he had no buttons which to undo, he grabbed the bottom of Julian’s t-shirt and pulled it up, stopping the meeting of their lips for a moment to pull it over his head.

“Shall we take this upstairs?” whispered Julian. “I’ve got protection if you wannna.. ya know”
“Yeh k” said Paul swallowing. He was nervous. He never got nervous before sleeping with someone. However, he had never had something in that end before he told himself.
As soon as they entered the bedroom, Julian held him kissing his neck before running his hand down Paul’s front and moving downwards kissing at he went.
He undid Paul’s belt buckle, and pulled his trousers and boxers off in one.
“Undressing quickly again” thought Paul.
His erection was exposed now as Julian knelt down and licked the end of it seductively. His sucked gently on the older man’s cock as Paul threw his head back and moaned.
“Fuck. How do you give a man so much pleasure?”
Julian sucked a little harder moving his tongue around Paul’s protrusion.
“Bloody hell I’m coming”
He felt himself orgasm and Julian licked the end of his cock

Julian straightened up and kissed Paul again. Paul could taste the come still on his tongue.
“You want to do this then?” asked Julian.
Paul nodded. “Fuck yeah”
He smiled. “I just want you now”
Paul lay back onto the bed. Julian pulled his trousers off and flung them over the chair. He rummaged in the drawer by the bed and pulled out a condom which he put over his already throbbing cock.
“So you’ve never done this before then”
Paul shook his head.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle”
He pushed himself inside Paul thrusting his hips and causing Paul to lift his legs higher and wrap them around Julian’s waist. After a few seconds, Paul smiles with pleasure.
“How does that feel”
“Quite weird...but fucking great”
Julian breathed in and moved his hips faster. “Oh fuck Paul, you’re so hot”
After a few minutes he felt himself come. He pulled out and lay in top of Paul kissing his chest.
“How was that for you beautiful?” he asked.
Paul was quiet for a few seconds. Then he answered “fucking amazing”. I never thought I’d be doing that with you but I’m fine with it. Honestly”
“Me too” smiled Julian. “I really like you Paul. I didn’t think you would be my type really, different backgrounds and things. But it works”
They spooned together for a while, listening to the sound of each other’s breathing before falling asleep.

Paul woke in the morning, and felt like something was different, something really nice had happened.
He opened his eyes remembering where he was. He stretched before getting out of the already half empty bed. He could hear noises in the kitchen downstairs and wondered how long Julian had been up.
What was the time? He looked at his watch. “Shit it’s nearly 9.00”
He looked around the room for his clothes. He put on his boxers and trousers remembering his shirt had been discarded downstairs. He walked downstairs seeing Julian in only a t-shirts and underwear making toast in the kitchen.
“Morning you” he said to the still topless Paul.
“Hey” he said.
He quickly found his shirt and put it back on. He almost felt that awkwardness of the morning after and wondered what to say but he remembered this was Julian. It was his friend.
“How are you this morning then?. Are you making some tea?”
“Yeh there’s some here. I really liked last night Paul. I haven’t felt like that for ages”
“Yeh I liked it. Wanna do it again sometime?” he laughed.
He gulped some tea down. “I’m really sorry but I’ve got to run. I’m already late for a meeting”

“Ok Paul that’s alright he smiled.
“He picked up his things and opened the door. “I’ll ring you later then”
Julian nodded.
“Paul went out adding “love you” before closing the door.


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Sep. 15th, 2008 04:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Glad you liked. I needed something a bit different from just the Paul/Ian theme.
Sep. 15th, 2008 03:36 pm (UTC)
ooh that was very nice. Sweet, lovely and yummy.
Bravo to you!
Sep. 15th, 2008 04:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you hun.
Sep. 15th, 2008 06:59 pm (UTC)
Ooooh very hot!
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