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cross posted to 100gloves

Paul/Ian HIGNFY drabble, by me! 101 words in total. Who gets points there?

There is rather a difference in height between these two but still OTP in my eyes.

Paul came up to Ian while he was cooking.
“Mmm that smells deslish?” he said, leaning down and nibbling the side of Ian’s neck.
“That feels delish what you’re doing there”
“I have one problem Ian” said Paul, a cheeky grin on his face.
“Why are you so short? I hurt my neck trying to bend down to kiss you”
“How rude. How do you think I feel having to reach up there to your neck. It’s not my fault I’m a shortarse ya know”

“Damn, why can’t I have fallen for someone who was a bit more my height”