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Seven Songs of Summer

I was tagged by the lovely madeluxx so here are my top songs for summer. Not that it's nice weather in Bristol.

1. Lazy Butterfly - Devendra Banhart
2. Above My Head - Sister Rosette Sharpe
3. The Breakup Song - American Hi-Fi
4. Read My Mind - The Killers
5. Video Killed The Radio Star - The Feeling
6. Fascination - Alphabeat
7. Got To Get You Into My Life - The Beatles

I'm tagging dear_ralph  drunkendeadcat  glitterglue_21 minervamoon

Writer's Block: Feeling Better

What makes you feel better when you're mad?
Music. Nearly all the time. I love most music except r'n'b and hip hop type stuff so stick it on loud.
Friends are also lovely to just talk things over with. I love having friends just to be there sometimes and understand.


I'm thinking of entering the Wildlife photographer of the year next year. This is one of my good pictures so far. I need to take loads more.
If anyone fancies a look at my gallery take a look here...

Happy Birthday Paul Merton

Happy 51st birthday to my idol!!!

In honour, I thought I'd share a small selection of my favourite Paul shirts/poses
I got a bit carried away but enjoy...

Second fanfic

Author: Moochy1
Pairing: Paul/Ian
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: No this never happened, I don't own anything etc.
Comments: Just an idea I had while watching the pouring rain through the window.

Stormy Weather

The end of another series. Series 23 had been an eventful series. It was a stormy June evening but inside the bar, the end of series party was well under way.
Everyone was mingling. All the usual crew were there, the guests and a few extras and the drink flowed.
Later in the evening, when quite a lot of drink had been consumed, Ian was leaning on the bar watching the rest of the party and wondering what had happened to Paul. Where was he now? He hadn’t been able to talk to him all night. Every time Ian went to find him, he’d be talking to some other girl. Especially with one new member of the editing team named Kate.
He saw Paul now, across the other side of the bar, leaning on a table and laughing with her. He was surely flirting with her. He looked like he was enjoying the experience too much.
Ian was confused. What did Paul want? Had he been leaving him on and using him until he found something better? Is that really what Paul was doing to him? He couldn’t bear it.
He downed the rest of his drink and walked straight to the door and outside. He had to be someone else. Not here, not watching while that happened.

Paul saw Ian standing by the bar. He longed to go and talk to him. He laughed at something Kate said but was trying to make an excuse to end the conversation but as Paul looked up, Ian was walking towards the door. Where was he off to?
“I’ll be back in a minute ok?” He said to Kate. Paul made sure everyone else at the party was not looking and left the bar and looked around outside the door.
It was not yet dark outside but there were low clouds stormy skies and the rain fell heavily, immediately soaking Paul as he came out of the doorway.
He spotted Ian just along the road looking around for taxis and trying to shelter under his jacket. He walked towards Ian but Ian noticed him and turned away looking up the road.
“Hey, where are you going”
Ian turned round and glared at him, the thundery weather echoed in his face.
“Where do you think I’m going? You seem pretty happy with Kate there so it’s clear what you want.”
He tried to turn to walk down the road but Paul put his hand on the smaller man’s shoulder and pulled him back round.
“Wait, what do you mean, it’s clear what I want?” snapped Paul “I have no interest in her, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick there Ian
“I’ve got the wrong end of the stick? You’re sending me mixed messages Paul. You seem all keen one minute but as soon as there is someone whose pants you can get into, it’s like I never existed. If you don’t want this, just tell me.”
“Look Ian, it’s not like that at all. I feel I get mixed messages from you. I’m there one minute but as soon as I’m talking to someone else that is completely meaningless, you get all....
“..all what” questioned Ian defensively.
“...all... well.. jealous. I promise you, I don’t feel anything for Kate and I’m pretty sure she swings the other way anyway. I was just talking to her because she doesn’t know many people here, honestly”
Ian looked at Paul, taken aback at his honesty. He wanted to believe Paul but he didn’t know why.
“Come on Ian, I really want to keep what we have. I tell you, I’m not after anyone else.”
His voice cracked. “I want you but do you really want me? I’m worried that you don’t know what you want”
The rain was running down Paul’s hair and off onto his face and the tears that were starting to come from his eyes mixed with the raindrops and ran down his cheeks.
Ian was soaked through as well and didn’t even try and shelter from the rain now.
“Paul, I do want you. It’s been hard with everything going on in the last series, the pressure the program has been under. I don’t know what to do. I just...
“..just what?” Paul said, voice shaking as he was starting to shiver despite the June night.
“I just... I love you Paul. I want you, that’s all I want.”
There was a pause as the two men stared at each other through the pouring rain.
It was Paul who made a step towards Ian and they sank into a passionate kiss. Both men had a sense of urgency and lust as Paul pushed his tongue into Ian’s mouth, grasping his hands around the back of his neck, and then up to the sides of his face.
Ian’s hands went inside Paul’s jacket and around his middle and pulled Paul against him. Paul broke off but kept his face very close to Ian.
“Come on.. let’s go somewhere more private before we freeze to death”


I've finished all of my exams. In fact, I've finished all of uni. I am now no longer a student. I don't graduate till september but it's now time to grow up, get a job, etc etc. I'm so glad that I have no more work, no more essays, no more getting to May and not ever going out cus of revision. On the other hand, It's been an afternoon and I feel a bit lost as to what to do next. I'm so used to doing what I 'should' do or getting on with things that need to be done. I haven't quite got my head around the fact that I don't have anything that needs to be done. Only odd things such as buying shoes for my uni end of year ball next week. Shopping - it's such a chore.

I have much time on my hands for a couple of weeks so I may be posting fanfics or slashy stuff here if I get some good inspiration.
Until beginning of June when I move back to Bristol, I'm free!!!!
It still sounds weird. It hasn't sunk in yet. I've now got a degree - not sure at what kinda level yet but there's nothing more I can do now.
Hope everyone else is good.
I'm off to spend hours on the internet until the small hours of the morning. Haven't done that for ages.



Title: A welcome return.
Pairings: Ian/Paul
Rating: Mild adult content.
Summary: After the first show of series 12, Paul is back and Ian is happy.
Disclaimer: This never happened as far as I'm aware. There is no offence meant to anyone mentioned in it.
Author's Notes Inspired by this fanfic. Based on the first episode of series 12 where Paul rejoins the show.
This is my first fanfic so hope you enjoy. Comments welcome.

Ian felt happy. At least he thought he did. He felt happy because things seemed to be back to normal. He had lost the game, no change there, but the show had gone well and it’s stability was back.
However, he wanted to tell someone something and had no idea where to start or whether it would backfire on him.

Ian walked down the corridor towards Paul’s dressing room door and knocked.
“Come in”
Ian pushed open the door. Paul was sitting on the sofa with his casual shirt slightly open in a slightly flirtatious manner making Ian very aware of his own attire, still in a wasitcoat and bowtie.
“Good show tonight” he said. “Good to have you back who I can actually have a laugh with rather than Piers Moron”.
Paul looked at him laughing. “You missed me then have you” “I knew you’d be happy I’d when I’d joined you again”
Ian looked slightly embarrassed. He could feel Paul’s eyes smiling at him with that cheeky grin.
He was such a flirt.
Ian wanted to tell him.
“Well, actually.. I have missed you quite a lot. And not just for lack of a good opposite team captain”
“I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I know you tend to flirt with me a lot and I think I’m in love with you”
“Blimey Mr Hislop. I like you a lot but I never thought I’d hear that from a straight faced guy like you”
Ian tried to be cool but he felt nervous and was starting to shake.
Paul stood up and walked towards him putting his arms around Ian’s waist. “You know” he said in a slightly more softer tone. “I think I really like you too”. He kept staring into Ian’s eyes which were still looking into his from his shorter height.
“The problem is, I don’t know exactly what I want from this” said Ian. His voice was almost quivering and sounded very small and upset.
“Hey, come here. I’ll show you what you want” said Paul sounding so sincere in his words.
His lips went towards Ian’s placing a gentle kiss on his lips, soft at first and then as Ian started to kiss back, harder and more firm. Paul’s hands were on Ian’s back, moving up towards his shoulders. One of Ian’s hands went around the back of Paul and held onto him as his other hand felt the curves of Paul’s midriff and up onto his chest.
Paul started pulling Ian’s jacket off, trying to get closer to Ian.
“Wait” said Ian breathlessly. He had to be more cool and in control.
Ian took Paul’s hand and let him to the big sofa in the corner. Paul sat, waiting for Ian to speak again but Ian took him by surprise with an intense kiss, pushing him into a lying position on the sofa. While on top of him, he struggled out of his own jacket and started removing Paul’s shirt. “That’s better,” said Paul. “Now let me take that posh waistcoat off and let me at what’s underneath”
There was more urgency in their air as they undressed each other in order to be closer.

As Paul held Ian in his arms in a spoon position on the sofa, Ian felt happier and more complete.


Good evening LiveJournal.
Isn't this good.... it's better than Wordpress. I'm considering moving my regular blog over here.. not that I seem to blog much at the moment. I've got a bit bored with wordpress - there's not a lot you can do with it.
I tend to only use Livejournal for the communities and chatting and stuff but it is quite cool, I've just been playing about with it. Ok it's slightly less DIY than WP and you can't turn it into a random site but more funky little thingies.

I must pop off to my old bloggie... wanna read?

Only read if you're an insomniac.

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